Wedding Packages

Tailor-Made Wedding Entertainment Packages

Jonno specializes in providing custom-made entertainment packages to help make your wedding day truly special and memorable.


Wedding Ceremony Music…

Imagine your guests and family arriving at the ceremony to be entertained by a selection of your personally selected songs played upon acoustic guitar with vocals.  As the bride arrives, a special love-song of your own choosing can be played as she walks down the aisle – setting the whole mood and tone for the rest of the ceremony. Additional background music can keep the guests entertained during the signing and witnessing of the marriage certificates. After the ceremony, the music can continue as the guests mingle and gather for photographs and champagne.


Reception Music…

At the reception, as the wedding party is introduced, you can choose to make your first appearance as a married couple to the song of your choice. Later, during the reception meal, Jonno can continue to provide background music – choosing a wide selection of songs from his vast repertoire of over 200 crowd-pleasing classics. The top quality Bose P.A system can also be used for any formal announcements and speeches during and after the meal.  In addition, if the happy couple wishes to provide their own songs on ipod to listen to during this time, that can be arranged.


The Bride and Groom’s First Dance…

Following the speeches, it is customary for the Bride and Groom to be invited to the dance floor, soon to be joined by their friends and family. This first dance is usually to a song that is very special to the couple – and Jonno can learn and compose his own special arrangement of this song so it perfectly fits the mood and ambiance you wish to create – either quiet and intimate, loud and celebratory, or a close copy of the original version. Stepping onto the dance floor as the individually composed version of “your song” is played or sung adds an incredible sense of intimacy and spontaneity to an often quite stressful moment. Music is one of the most emotional ways to conveying feelings and we would be happy to consult with you to help you find the ‘perfect’ song. When providing this service in the past, the uniqueness of the moment has often been described as one of the most powerful and memorable of the day – making your first dance as a married couple a truly unforgettable experience.


Let the Dancing Begin…

At this stage in the evening, Jonno’s solo act can continue to provide a wide range of dance music to keep your guests entertained. Or there is the option to transform from a solo performance into the four-piece rock’n’roll band Calico Jack – allowing the party to really kick off!  With state–of-art lighting and top-quality P.A rig, Calico Jack deliver the ultimate in quality musical entertainment. Offering three one-hour sets of high-octane rock classics designed to get your guests up dancing – and keep them up dancing for the remainder of the evening.

Jonno’s song selection offers something for everyone – from 1950’s rock’n’roll to iconic Aussie classics to the latest chart-topping hits. We even offer our clients an electronic drum kit option – so volume can be kept to reasonable levels if required by the venue.


Professional D.J service

In addition to the rock’n’roll band, a DJ service can also be provided as an additional service – catering to those who enjoy modern dance club beats.


Incredible Value for Money

The above wedding packages can be individually tailored to meet your requirements and budgets. Our free consultation service means we can answer any questions or concerns you might have so you can be confident we will be providing the ultimate entertainment package to accompany your wedding – making it a day that everyone will be talking about for years to come!


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